In this project supported by Prim’s Creation Support Program, Ariane Lorrain and Shahab Mihandoust explore the ancestral tradition of natural wool dyeing and carpet making, by observing the daily life of the Bakthiari in the western moutains of Iran. […]


A filmmaker on a shoot in New York questions the origin of movement. As she tries to rebuild her life post-heartbreak, an unexpected turn of events leads her off the course of her  film.  Questioning the creative process, this work  fusions […]

CODE D’ACCÈS presents the CDA x PRIM concert

The CDA x PRIM concert offers a sensorial  acousmatic experience.  Plunged into darkness, in a 360 audio environment, come live the music as a self-fulfilling narrative creation.   The PRIM – Codes d’accès residency has allowed three artists, Gabriel Ledoux, Quentin Louvray […]

My Dearest Sister

This first feature by Kyoka Tsukamoto is a love letter and a bid for reconciliation. It is the story of a woman who left Japan for Montreal, while her sister stayed behind. Geographical distance isn’t the main concern here, though: […]


Épopée, regroupement anonyme de cinéastes, a réalisé Insurgence, long métrage documentaire ayant une seule vedette: la grève étudiante de 2012. […]

Auteur: Groupe d'action en cinéma Épopée (Hubert Caron-Guay et Rodrigue Jean)
Genre: documentaire
Année: 2012
Durée: 141 min