Who can become a member?

Any individual who is an independent artist or organisations working in the field of video, film, audio or new media can benefit from PRIM’s services. An independent project is one conceived by an artist who is its principal creator and retains full editorial and creative control over the work. The director owns all rights to the work and receives a significant percentage of any profit it generates. PRIM invites artists of other disciplines, as well as cultural and community-based organisations to use its services.

PRIM has four categories of members: individual members, member organisations, affinity members and affiliated members

Affiliated members are active members of organisations affiliated with PRIM : a proof of membership is required. The attestation can be by letter or email. User fees for our services are payable in advance.

Member Categories



Organization Affinity Member



AAccess to studios
and production equipment
 yes yes   yes

Access to training

yes     yes
Access to transfer services yes yes yes yes
Access to transfer services yes yes    
Eligible to sit on Board of Administration yes      
Fees  75$  100$  20$  n/a











Why become a member?

In becoming a member of PRIM, an individual or organization is involved in his or her community and supports a non-profit organization that is first and foremost a center for human and technical resources devoted to the elaboration and creation of independent works in the media arts.

On one hand, the member enjoys advantageous rates for all services provided by PRIM. After several months of using these services during the day, the member gains access to our installations after official hours.  As well, the member is regularly informed of training workshops and deadlines for application to PRIM’s various programs of support to creation, and receives our electronic newsletter.

Billing is made to the individual or member organization.  

NB: There is no charge for submitting a project to our support programs. However an individual must become a member if his or her project is selected in one of our support programs, or if his or her candidature is chosen for a training program.


How to become a member:


Any individual (or representative of an organization) wishing to join PRIM must make an appointment with Julie René, member services coordinator. She will conduct a short visit to our premises, introduce you to our staff and explain the way our organization functions.  


The annual fee that is renewable each year at the same rate, according to the same conditions.