The PRIM center offers a complete range of HD post-production film services.

PRIM’s technical installations allow film directors, editors and video artists to create independent works of high technical excellence in an environment designed for wide variety of practices.

The center hosts a complete range of audio-visual projects:  fiction, documentary, experimental, animation or essay, short and feature length films. PRIM also hosts audio production, audio-visual installations, web series – as well as a creation space for VR projects.

Our video editing suites

We have four editing suites designed for the specific needs of a wide range of professional artists working with the moving image. 

Studio M1 – Davinci Resolve and Avid Symphony
The M1 on-line editing suit is equipped to treat 2K/4K, HDTV, SDTV and colour design.

Studio M2 – Avid Media Composer Montage SD and off-line HD.

Studio M3 – Avid Media Composer Nitris DX

Studio M4 – Avid Symphony Nitris

Audio mixing Studio

AVID S6 M40 – control surface
AVID HD IO – audio interface
AVID HDX – processor cards

MacPro 2012, RAID 5
Dynaudio Acoustics Air20 5.1
Surround Array Paradigm Atom v6

Waves Diamond v9 et Surround Tools
Neyrinck Stereo Tools
Izotopes Studio & Repair Advanced Bundle

Virtual Katy VK4

2 Amek DMCL dual mike preamp
HHB Radius 10 quad mike preamp

118″ HD 1080p screening


Audio Editing and Autonomous Recording Suite

ProTools10 HD2
HD omni Interface
Genelec 1032A
Waves diamond

Recording Studio

3 booths

Interior and exterior acoustics for foley

AKG 414 (2) and AKG 451 (1) microphones
Neumann TLM 193 microphone

Transfer Facilities

Tape to tape NTSC /DVD
QuickTime transfer to tape/DVD/Blu-Ray 

NTSC, PAL, SECAM transcoding

Screening facilities

PRIM members have access to a private screening room that accomodates 12 people. Formats: DVC Pro 25/50; Betacam SP/MX/Digi; HDCAM; DVCAM; DVD; S-VHS; VHS; Blu-Ray; QuickTime

(check screening formats in advance with the receptionist)