Since its foundation in July 1981, PRIM has expanded considerably as a center for video production. In 1991, it was transformed into a production center for media arts, including video, audio and new media.


In 1995, Usine C relocated, an event that allowed our center to become a veritable hub for creation in the media arts, a place where cutting-edge artistic trends and new technologies could converge. This period was also marked by changes imposed by new technologies. PRIM took up the challenge by adopting the AVID platform, now the uncontested standard for video editing, as well as the Pro Tools 24 audio mixing system.


PRIM has continued to expand, and between 1996 and 2002, introduced various grants, innovative programs and training workshops on all its platforms.


In 2003, PRIM purchased its own building, moving to 2180 Fullum in response to the need to provide independent creators with more adequate infrastructure, thus enabling the center to become more totally implicated in the creative process. The move also allowed PRIM to further affirm its mandate and to participate more fully in the community and cultural life of the neighbourhood, which eventually became known by the epithet “Les Faubourgs, hub of cultural creativity”.


In 2006, PRIM was once again evolving with the times, adapting its installations in tune with technological advances in the area of High Definition. This evolution allowed PRIM to meet its artists’ requirements while continuing to respect its mandate to support independent creators.


In 2009-2010, PRIM undertook strategic planning for the present and upcoming years. The resulting plan has now been implemented and has generated the idea of further expanding the center.


In 2011, PRIM proudly celebrated its 30th year of existence at the service of independent artists. Anniversary celebrations kicked off a year marked by creativity and excitement.


See the video of the event Chasseurs de PRIM – 30e


Today, films we have supported through our various programs garner awards in Canada and abroad. The PRIM team continues working to allow all its members to create in a stimulating professional environment.


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